Did you know about CRAFTBOSTON? If you're not in Boston, check out the website anyway for inspiration. Click on Artists, then "Search for Artists". Choose a media, like Fiber Wearable, and then click on the artist name or image. Each artist has 5 photos of their work. Beautiful stuff.

Pixie's started a podcast, go listen! She featured my blog this week and said some wonderful things, thanks so much, Pixie!

I have a wheel on the way, did I mention? Hmm? What? Why are you looking at me like that?

Well, I dunno, I didn't want to jinx it, ya know? And I wanted to get some sleep at night. And if I mention these kinds of things here, they seem more real, ya know? I need my sleep. Oops. I can feel the adrenaline rushing. See what's happening?

Okay, okay, details.

Background first. :P

When I decided on the Joy, it was with the understanding that this would be my first and traveling wheel, and that I would get a second one after several months. I knew I would outgrow the Joy. The plan was to try a Schacht Matchless at Webs' May tent sale and if I liked it (which I'm pretty sure I would), buy it on sale. But, I've been keeping my eyes open just in case a used wheel were to sell for less. And it did! So we're, what, 2 months ahead of schedule, but there you go. Things happen. ;)

So yep, a Schacht Matchless, and if you've been paying attention, nope, haven't tried one yet. Ahem. Yeah, I know. Felicia says I'll love it, right, Felicia? It comes with the exceptionally high speed whorl, which will be great for spinning lace. I wanna try lace. Did you see the lace shawl Felicia knit with her handspun? And I found this amazing post on spinning lace last week at FiberLife. Yep, gonna try the lace.

If all goes well, it will ship tomorrow. And as each day passes, I will get less and less sleep and feel more and more pumped. Boy, it's already starting. Literally. The adrenaline, coursing through the veins. Heart fluttering. I gots da jittery leg, too. See? This is why I didn't mention it! I've squeezed in an extra few nights' sleep already!