Thea's post about her Ski Lodge drink made me want to get some Peppermint Schnapps. When I did, I searched on, found Peppermint Twist and Love it. Schnapps, Kahlua and Creme de Cacao shaken with ice and strained. Tasty tasty tasty. Scott's been mixing it up for me about every day (lush that I am), with extra milk thrown in (not so much of a lush). Ahh, you're thinking, her recent posts make a lot more sense now... is purty cool, you can search based on ingredients, number of ingredients, ratings, and even percent alcohol. Mix yourself one.

Scott loves to find cool videos on the web (get yer mind outta the gutter), here are some awesome ones:

Okay, enough diversion. Check it out:

Core spun mohair locks

That, my friends, is core spun mohair locks. I purchased some dyed mohair locks when I learned to spin in October and though I spun up a bag on my spindle back then, most of it seemed matted, so it remained in bags. In December I realized the seeming mattedness might be lanolin and it just needed washing: 

Mohair locks

but it remained sticky and undraftable. In late January I learned that it needed a very hot washing with grease breaking dish soap, which did wonders. A dog brush opened up the locks:

Dyed Mohair Locks, washed and prepped

I wanted to spin it on the wheel, and I wanted to retain some of the locks characteristics, instead of brushing it out. But I needed to get comfortable with my wheel first. Fast forward 6 weeks.

Last night, I decided to give it a go! "Core spun" was in my head for some reason, so I looked it up in Spinning Designer Yarns. It looked just right.

It was time intensive, but quite fun! I brushed locks as I went (just the cut ends, not the tips) and drafted them in for texture:

Core spun mohair locks

I love where the bits of curly lock stick out:

Core spun mohair locks

You can see the core yarn below, a commercial blue shetland 2-ply rescued from my "to get rid of" pile:

Core spun mohair locks

In all it's about 30 yards (there's still quite a pile of mohair left). It's soft, fluffy:

Core spun mohair locks

and altogether delightful:

Core spun mohair locks