Look what came in the mail today:

pH paper

pH papers! Now I can pHind out if I'm over vinegaring my dyepot. Thanks, Mini!

Here's plied up Autumn Leaves, soaking up the last bits of apHternoon sunlight:

Autumn leaves

(Hmm, kinda dark. I miss the morning sunlight!)

It's very sopHt and sproingy in a nice cushy way. That pHart, er, part, worked out! On the other hand, the looser plying shows my uneven spinning. I pHind I can get an even thickness, but I need to work on even twist. I hear some people count treadles and drapHt regular amounts. Any other tricks out there?

The mini skein shows I don't know how to pack a bobbin tight enoupH. ;) 20/20 hindsight: I so could have squeezed those pHew extra yards in! I hate cutting. But man, there was no take up, the bobbin was too pHull.

The second mini skein was plied with itself. A little overage on one bobbin. Not bad.

I'm ending up with a bunch of spun up yarn. I'm waiting for PumpkinMama to show pHotos (hehe) of her handspuns shawl so I can borrow, er, steal her idea.