I spun up the Romney/Corriedale dyeing experiment. Here it is in strips:

Autumn leaves

in progress:

Autumn leaves

and spun up:

Autumn leaves

With the first random dye batch, I separated into shorter strips and distributed evenly into piles to get more uniform color distribution. This time I split the roving into 2 longer lengths, and kept the strips with their brethren. I worked from end to end, maintaining the random color distribution (some parts were decidedly more red, some more yellow).

It's too bad I only dyed 4 oz. The colors really softened and blended with the drafting/spinning. I tried for a thicker singles and a loose twist so that, when plied, the softness of the fiber would not be lost.

I don't think I mentioned that this Romney/Corriedale and the Romney used in The Red and The Black were picked up at Spa, purchased from Nick's Meadow Farm. When it was soaking, there was an unexpected smell that was hard to place. In the end, I decided it smelled like flour. Strange, hunh? Not a bad smell, just unexpected. The roving was very soft and wide and loose/flowy.

PS  Thanks for the nice comments on the scarves! You can't have my stash.