I need your input.

The reverse rib "bonnet stripe" idea didn't work, it just didn't make much impact. After 8 rows. Or so. I could have knit a little further, I suppose, but it just wasn't doing it for me. So I ripped back again (for maybe the 6th time? lots of adjustments going on here) and tried cables instead. What do you think?

The Red and The Black - in progress

No, no, I'm not concerned about my foot being on the kitchen counter. That's not what I mean.

I mean the striping, the cables, the sock. Something about it is throwing me off and I can't pinpoint it. I know the cables are a little obscured in the black areas. Does it hold together or shall I rip back again and try something else?

These socks are another case of "project knitting" similar to what I experienced during the Knitting Olympics. I am making them because they are the next step in the dyeing/spinning process. The dyed fiber was not "done" until I spun it. Now that it's spun it's not complete until I knit it. I don't feel this way about all my dyeing or spinning. Some spinning I feel no need to knit up; the spinning was the process and once spun, that process, that journey, is complete. I haven't dyed enough fiber to feel the same; I don't have a lot of fiber so I dye to spin.

Anyway, I'm not knitting these socks because I want a pair of striped socks (or even a pair of socks, necessarily, though it's a nice bonus). I'm knitting them to complete the journey begun with an idea.


Maybe I don't like the stripes. Though they're cool. They're just a lot wider than I expected. And if I continue the experiment with the other 4 oz and spin a 3 ply the usual, non-navajo-plied way, then the stripes will be even longer. It's interesting. The stripes look so similar to how they looked in the roaster: mostly red and black with a bit of white/pink/grey. I could probably use this information and get a different kind of striping to happen, no?