I have to say, I'm in awe at the power of the Harlot. I mean, 4000 Knitting Olympians should have tipped me off... thanks to all who stopped by and thanks for saying hi!

Is anyone else having post-Olympic-what-the-hell-now-itis?

Nah, me neither.

This morning I caught sundrops on the walls:

Dancing Lights

courtesy of this unassuming porcupine that once belonged to Gram:

Porcupine Light Splitter

It lasted barely long enough to attempt photographs and was gone.

This afternoon, driving home, I saw 20+ wild turkeys in someone's front yard. And smiled.

Night before last, as with any night I've been dyeing, my mind danced over images of the dyed fiber, imagining what it might look like, resisting the urge to get up and rinse it, dry it, admire it while it dried. Yesterday morning I took a few photos of it wet; this morning, dry. Remember how I was excited to spin up the Finn? Doubly so The Red and The Black.

I had plans, measured dyes, squirted. But, well, ran into an array of problems. By the time it was ready to cook it looked like this:

Dyed Romney

Double, double, toil and trouble...

Exhausted, cooling for the night:

Dyed Romney

Rinsed in the morning:

Dyed Romney

Here's where we run into more trouble. I had the bright idea of using a dryer mesh bag and spinning in the washer. I even tested with a towel first and prevented water dropping on my fiber. But, well, I have a front loader. Front loaders kinda start out really slow, and that means everything in the washer, even fiber that has been oh-so-carefully tended to prevent felting, goes a-tossing and a-tumbling over and over and over. It took too long for the realization to sink in. Felted. Not complete unusable ropes, but man, I had been so careful!

It's still purty:

Dyed Romney

Come on, don't you want to spin some?

Dyed Romney