Wow, thank you so much for your comments on spin-dye-knit-a-scarf! (I will be happy not to have to type that again.) I've been fighting a cold the past few days so I hope you'll understand if I don't respond to each comment. Please know they are deeply appreciated.

Anna asked, I also love your cashmere yarn. How did you re-ply it?

I ran the plied yarn through the wheel again and added more twist.

Funny story. (Not "funny haha", "funny I've had enough time and distance I can now laugh at my folly haha".) I was so happy with the re-plied results that I did the same for the larger skein! I added a few S hooks for weight and steamed to set the twist. I think it started out okay, but as I went, I think I added a little more twist, a little more twist. After knitting with it for about 6", I finally gave in, cut the yarn, ran it back through the wheel in the opposite direction to take some of the twist out, steam set it, and continued knitting. Hehe. So you can add or subtract more twist at will; you just need to "tay appention".

Cheryl asked, Possibly stupid question, why do you add the vinegar at intervals throughout the process? Does that make it more effective than dumping it all in in the beginning?

Good question. The simple answer is that was what Hands on Dyeing listed on their worksheet. I had done only one shot deals before, so I thought I'd try something new. My guess is that adding in two stages might allow for a slightly more uniform dyeing experience. But that's just a guess.

Judy said, I'm confused. Did you use a waterbath in the roaster with your yarn and dyebath in the casserole? Nice job. Sometimes if you just let it sit until cool you'll have a better exhaust.

Hmm, I think the answer is yes. I had a few inches of water in the roaster, and then plenty of water in the dyebath in the casserole. It doesn't really match up with anything I've read or seen, but more was an extension of the color experiments I've been doing. I don't have a good thermometer yet (or an immersion dyeing pot), and had a sneaking suspicion that the roaster does not heat high enough for "true" immersion dyeing (sub-boiling). So I hoped the steam from all that water would heat things up sufficiently. And yup, if I were not on an Olympic deadline, I would have left the yarn to cool.

PumpkinMama asked, How much length did you end up getting on the scarf?

Just about 3' 6" pre-blocking, 6" much more than expected!

stephanie r asked, did you choose an established pattern or make it up?

The stitch pattern is from a Japanese stitch "dictionary". I added the twisted ribbing on either side for stability.

It was actually very difficult to find an appropriate pattern, mostly because of my limited yardage. The stitch repeat needed to be as small as possible, yet interesting. There needed to be a reasonable number of holes and an open feel (more stretch). It had to have a stockinette stitch background.


Enough words, more eye candy!


Finished: 2/25/06
Pattern: We Call Them Pirates by Adrian at Hello Yarn
Yarn: Cascade Yarns Pima Tencel, 1 ball yellow (#0258), just over 1 ball black (#7779)
Needles: #5 circulars, and dpn's for the top
Notes: I've done very little colorwork involving more than 1 yarn in a row, so this was a huge learning experience for me. Sadly, this means I knit enough of this hat to have 2 hats, but only have one to show for my efforts. It was worth the effort, look how happy he is!


I didn't like knitting with the Pima Tencel. It's soft to the touch, but it sheds a lot and is not frog-friendly (because bits of yellow get stuck to the black, and vice versa). The pattern was fun, and I enjoyed seeing the skulls emerging. The very top of the hat was very challenging to maintain good tension between the colors and I had to frog back several times.

Scott wore Arrrgh to the grocery store yesterday and got quite a range of reactions, from chuckles, compliments and jealousy, to taken abackness and maybe a bit of fear. Muahahahaha.

Next time I hope to knit with wool or a better cotton blend; and I will not stack my stranding (you can see a bit of a gap over the right eye in the first row of skulls).