Stage 2 complete! The dyeing went rather smoothly, all things considered.

Let's see... you saw the cashmere soaking, and the dyebath ready and waiting.

The cashmere weighed 58 g, and I wanted 4% dye = 232 mL dye solution. So far I've been dealing with 10 and 13 gram mini skeins, so this seemed like an awful lot of dye solution. But, well, can't argue with the math.

Or can you?

The red mix that I liked had 1 mL brown to 39 mL red, so 2.5% brown = 232 mL x .025 = 5.8 mL. No problem.

That leaves 232 mL - 5.8 mL = 276.2 mL red.

Um. Hello? Anyone notice that I, uh, didn't check my work? No wonder it seemed like an awful lot of dye solution, it was! Hehe. No wonder it took a while to exhaust all the dye. And it didn't entirely exhaust, either. It all makes sense now.

Anyhoo, flashback to last night. I'm thinking it's a lot but you can't argue with math.

I'm using a casserole dish, the deepest biggest non-melting item I have (that I'm willing to sacrifice). I want the yarn to be able to move about and not be constricted (yarn rights).

8 pm: The dyebath is ready to go, the electric roaster has a couple of inches of water and is preheated to 200 degrees. Deep breath, and in she goes!

KO Cashmere - immersion!

The dye immediately begins to soak into the yarn, but the yarn is a faint pink color. Into the roaster and upped the temp to 350.

8:30 pm: About half an hour later, I figure everything is nice and toasty. The yarn is still quite pink. Time to add half the vinegar (30 mL):

KO Cashmere - pre-vinegar

8:42 pm: Stirred and checked in on things. The yarn is starting to look red! The dyebath is still quite dark.

KO Cashmere - 10 mins later

8:56 pm: Time for the second half of the vinegar.

9:09 pm: Oooo, look:

KO Cashmere - 15 mins after that

I'm tempted to stop, but I figure, well, can't argue with math.

9:26 pm: Stirred. Dyebath almost exhausted. Hmm, this is taking a while...

9:38 pm: Stirred. Almost done!

KO Cashmere - 40 more mins

9:52 pm: Ding! Most of the dye has exhausted, but enough's enough. I let it sit for an hour and even more exhausts. The dyebath is a very faint pink. A very gentle wash and two rinses, with slight bleeding in each one. Which surprises me. I didn't have any bleeding before...

Squeezed, squished in a towel, snapped, hung to dry. And many fascinated adoring gazes before going to sleep.

8:15 am: A few minutes to admire and snap photos before work:

KO Cashmere - final results

The photo doesn't quite capture it, but the color is quite deep and oh so purrrty.

I was exceptionally gentle throughout to prevent felting and my efforts were rewarded. Happy dance!

6:30 pm: Write up blog post and realize you can't argue with math... but you can laugh at the person holding the calculator.