I plied the cashmere last night. Challenging.

It wasn't Andean plying as I had thought. I wound the singles onto a water bottle, transfered onto my wrist (making a large cashmere wristlet, decadent), and used the inside and outside ends for plying. The hardest part was getting the inner strand free, I don't usually have such a large wristlet. Does this method have a name?

I took it slow and easy, stopped often (in the beginning) to figure out what worked best. I didn't want to overply and make the resulting yarn too tough or wiry; that would negate the softness of the cashmere. I didn't want it too loose or it would look funny knit up. I wanted it juuuuust right.

KO Cashmere - plied
the morning the sun wouldn't come to me

KO Cashmere - plied
so I chased the sunlight

KO Cashmere - plied

I'm pretty happy with this hank. It's pretty darned close to balanced, too! The singles were surprisingly even, I really thought there would be more noticeable variations. Yay!

. . .

Sigh. There is a problem, though:

KO Cashmere - plied
mini mini hank

When I was winding the singles in preparation for plying, the thread broke. So I plied to the 2 pieces separately. Big mistake. The main hank is the later spinning and is fairly even. The mini mini hank is from the beginning, and man, holy thin thread. How the hell did I manage that?? Problem is, I didn't manage it for very long. Or, I didn't like it for very long.

There is a very noticeable weight difference between the 2 hanks. The mini mini seems more fingering to lace weight, while the larger seems more baby weight. In other words, they don't match. They don't match! Arrrgh.

Oops, wrong project.

There's a second problem. There aren't that many yards. I dunno, this one was foreseeable, I just didn't ... see it. The main hank is about 90 yards, and the mini mini about 45 yards. Not sure what to do.

I'm considering dyeing each a slightly different shade. Maybe the thinner one a slightly darker or brighter shade. And then finding a pattern, maybe feather and fan-ish, where I can alternate rows of the thicker with the thinner. What do you think? Any other ideas out there?

Speaking of ideas, thank you so much for your feedback on the color situation! I know I didn't give you much to work with there. I'm happy to say, the color situation is in good shape.

Here I am chasing sunlight again:

KO Search for Red

KO Search for Red
(I don't remember which is which in the above photo, hehe)

(I was a little late to work trying to get these photos this morning. Shhh. Don't tell Scott.)

Work is brightly lit. I brought in my skeins and discovered, to my surprise, that #1 is almost an exact match for the target red. Imagine that.