Thanks for the nice comments on my skulls! I frogged and reknit back to where I had stopped before, only to realize that the looser colorwork was not making the hat loose enough. Scott very reluctantly and under duress admitted that he'd like the hat a little bigger. I knew going in that reknitting this sucker multiple times was an inherent possibility, nay, a given. So froggy frog frog and back to just before the purl row. I managed to reknit a few rows:

Arrrgh - negative progress

You know, the reason he was so reluctant was because he gets sad for me when I have to frog any project. What a sweetie.

Frogging twice in one night is not fun, but the method I use makes the technical part quite painless (it doesn't do much for the emotional part). I thought I'd share my frogging method with you; I use it for anything more than 1 row.

Olympic Spinning

KO Cashmere

More progress. About 3/4 done, I think. But here's what I'd rather be spinning:

Dyed Finn, split

That's the Finn I dyed last week. I wasn't so crazy about it whole, but split into strips and redistributed, it's calling my name. I walk by the yarn room and stop to gaze longingly.

PumpkinMama asked, Not to get too personal, but I'm wondering why you're not filling your bobbin more evenly? I thought the general idea was to build up a half an inch or so and move to the next hook, going front to back and front again so the whole length gets slowly "coated" with yarn.

Interesting, sounds like a good idea. Thanks for the tip!

As for the why, beyond someone "threading" a wheel and sitting me in front of it (my first time in front of a wheel, which lasted approximately 5 minutes), I haven't had any wheel instruction. I'm winging it, baby! So any help and tips are appreciated.

PS:  I'm trying larger photos. The frogging article didn't work so well with small pics. They feel too big, though. Huge. Flickr doesn't have an inbetween size (boo). What do you think, back to tiny pics?