Pixie said, "ITS A SKULLY HAT! Er pirates thingy, I AM KNITTING THAT!"

You're good.

It's We Call Them Pirates from Hello Yarn.

Did I mention how much trouble I have knitting for Scott? This hat is no exception. Within a few rows I exclaimed, "I hate this yarn!" It's Cascade Pima Tencel, and I don't know if it's the yarn or the yarn/needles combo, but it slows me down big time and makes my hands tired. Scott was pretty bummed to hear that. Don't worry, Scott, I'll keep on knitting! That's love. ;)

Last night I dyed some more, this time blues:

jars of dye

Before and after:

beginning end

Blue on white/natural:

Blue on white Blue on white

And this is where I say, "Sky Blue is a primary my ass." This is about as dark as it will get. It is sky blue. It's pretty. But a primary, I don't think so.

And finally, blue on brown/grey:

Blue on brown/grey Blue on brown/grey

The lighter values are pretty much lost on the brown/grey, but you can still see hints of it.

Towards the end of the night, I had a bit of a realization. After spinning the cashmere, I will still have to knit it. Hmmm. That will probably take me a few days. Hmmm. I need to get moving on this spin-dye-knit-a-scarf thing!