Err... The games have begun!

Last night after work, spinning wheel in tow, I headed to the Framingham Fabric Place for the monthly Knit Club. I had demonstrated spindle spinning the previous month (only because I happened to have it with me) and had promised to bring my wheel next time if I had one by then. Being a beginner spinner I don't know how much of a demo you could call it, but I think I correctly identified the wheel (haha), the flyer, the orifice (to a couple of chuckles), the whorls, the thing that affects your takeup... oh yeah, and the bobbin. See? Mostly technical terminology there, that's good for me! (I'm a "thingie" and "whatchamacallit" kinda gal.) I demonstrated drafting and showed how a little twist makes it yarn. I treadled sans wool so I could explain what was happening. And then I added the wool in and showed it all in action. I believe I said, "that's all there is to it" and got a laugh or two. Yeah, that's all there is to it. That and, uh, practice. Lots of practice.

I proceeded to pass around my 2 oz bags of luxury fibers: 100% cashmere, 50/50 yak/cashmere, 50/50 quiviut/merino. Oooooo. Soooooooft. Lushhhhhhhious. And the reason I had these with me: they are part of my Knitting Olympics.

Stop the presses! Knitting Olympics? You mean, you have a project picked out? You <gasp> decided on something?

Roll the presses, yes indeedy! For my Knitting Olympics challenge I shall <drum roll please>


I feel like a magic performer announcing my next trick.

Yes, and for the extra challange factor, I shall begin with 100% cashmere, which will be much more difficult because of the finer texture and shorter fiber length. (Or maybe just the shorter fiber length.)

Ooooh, aaaaah.

Kids, do not attempt this at home!

Although maybe I should call it "spin-(dye?-)knit-a-scarf". I'm not sure how comfortable I am dyeing yarn, let alone cashmere.

And you see why it's not "dye-spin-knit-a-scarf"? No way in hell am I sticking that fibery cloud into a dye bath. I'd have to strain it to get my fiber out!

If we really want to get technical, perhaps it should be spin-dye-knit-a-lace-scarf. But you know, I'm not that technical a gal.

For now we shall call it spin-dye-knit-a-scarf.

Thanks to MJ and Cassie for their ideas! If not for them my project might be knit-cute-sweater-readjusting-all-instructions-because-I-don't-have-yarn-that-knits-to-gauge, or re-attempt-colorful-tank-because-your-gauge-friggin-bloomed-first-time-'round.

Tuna Melt

Post Knit Club I headed to J. Doyle's in JP for the Team Boston Opening Ceremonies get together. I've never before seen so many projects in their early stages. It was disorienting! Think about it: most of your project lifetime is spent mid-progress; very little is spent having just cast on or only a couple of rows in. I was surrounded by 30+ barely begun projects. So weird.

I met a lot of cool knitters and knitbloggers: Hello Yarn Adrian, Minestrone Soup Mini, Stitchy McYarnPantsThe Bookish Girl Wendy, the jkc project Jackie, Obsession du Jour Kellee, geekpixie Amber; and a couple of familiar Knitsmiths faces: Shireen and Subway Knitter Colleen. Confession: I brought my camera but didn't take any pictures. I suck.

Because spin-dye-knit-a-scarf begins with spinning and I didn't want to get beer on my Joy, I worked on Gram's sock. Sock one is almost done and I'm really happy with how it looks. Here it is pre-Opening Ceremonies:

Gram's socks - in progress

Hmm, further "I suck" factor: no photos of the cashmere fiber. Or progress on the sock.