Seeing these twigs sticking out of electronic gadgetry tickles me.

Creamsicle T sleeve number two is done! Seams are sewn; there's just the weaving in of ends and the neckline to finish. Now that the sleeves are 2" narrower, I have plenty of yarn to knit that neckline. In fact, I could re-knit a whole gauge swatch! I happened across the blog post on negative ease that sparked knitting Creamsicle T smaller than directed. Interesting, no?

Thanks for your kind comments on the sleeve. I thought it looked pretty good but wasn't sure; a reality check helps. I think the finished sweater will look pretty good, but again, I'm not sure. Scott's not much help. First he said, "looks better than before." Well, yeah, but before was not so great. Then, "looks pretty even." Ha! That's his automatic response when I show him my spinning.

Meanwhile, my spinning do-dads arrived (3 bobins and a niddy noddy from The Fold), along with some Socks That Rock:

Socks That Rock
Xmas Rock and Sandstone

These were two of the last of her smaller skein size STR, and 20% off. How could I resist? Love the Sandstone. The photo doesn't do justice to the subtle colors. I wasn't sure what to expect with Xmas Rock, but I like it a lot more than the photo. One of these will become my Jaywalker socks.

Last week I also received some books from the Interweave Knits' Hurt Book Sale. They are only slightly dinged on a corner and were 50-75% off. Woohoo! I'll list them out tomorrow.

Stressed slacker knathlete

Picking a Knitting Olympics project is still kicking my ass. I flip flop every hour or so. "Doable but challenging" is, well, more than challenging for me to define right now. I can do this. I know I can. I'm feeling the pressure. Will I have something to cast on tomorrow night??