Thanks for the supportive posts the last few days, it is mucho appreciated.

After the blogging break last night I went back and decided, enough "playing", let's make something real. Well, actually, it was more like... Hmm, I'm out of random fiber and everything else is either handdyed or luxury... guess I have to make something real. Luxury we'll leave for another day. Who spins cashmere, yak or camel on their second run? Hmph. Ditto alpaca. That left undyed Finn and Corriedale, and some handdyeds (doesn't that word look weird? Wait, it sounds weird, too). After little thought I chose the handdyed superwash merino from Paradise Fibers (photo here), since I have 8 oz of it and it's enough to make something real with room for error. And it's purty. As I spun, I hummed classical tunes, just like the last time I spun on a Joy.

37: Superwash Winter Solstice

Socks. It will be socks. :)

Project: Part I

You'll have to see this in pieces. It's a lot to take in. Today we'll look at the "before":

Yarn Room
Upon entering the Yarn room: Chair o' handspun. Covered desk. Yarn on the floor.

Yarn Room
Turning slightly to the right: More yarn on the floor. Box o' fiber. Bins stacked high.

Yarn Room
Turning to the right: More yarn on the floor. Lotsa bins in wire shelves.

Common theme: lots of yarn on the floor. Lots of piles. No walking room, no room for a wheel.

Actually, common theme: Lots. O'. Yarn. Told you it was a lot to take in. In my "defense"... I've been knitting for 25 years... Hehehe, it's not like any of it is from when I was 8.

Coming soon: Part II - Construction.