It's here.

You'll have to settle for crappy photos. And, no "play by play", it was open, set up and spin! A mini skein and a good bit of hunger later I grabbed some chili and the camera. My little Joy:

Wheel is here!

She's as easy to spin as I remembered.

I started with the last of my Coopworth but plied with some shiny rayon stuff:

36: First wheel yarn

I've wanted to do something like this for a while, but didn't want to venture it on a spindle. It was done carefree and quick and I'm not sure I like the colors together, but I don't care, I'm just playing! I didn't worry about about much beyond drafting and treadling, and while plying, was more focused on the final look than proper twist for balance or anything like that. Oh yeah, and getting each ply to unwind off the bobbin/cone. It's a mini skein and a full twist overplied, and the Coopworth doesn't really lend itself to being next to something so shiny... or does it?

I can see that it will be a while before I am comfortable and even and in control and all that, I have plenty to learn. All in good time. But for now, aaaaaahhhhhh, I have a wheel.

A project!

That's not all the excitement 'round these parts. This weekend was spent doing:

Working on...

something very cool. More soon!

PS:  Note to self: next time a wheel or something equally exciting is wending its way to you, don't check the status before bed. You won't get any sleep.