Madness. I've been checking 6 times a day for the last few days (incredible restraint!), and there has been no change! My wheel is somewhere between here and Seattle:

Wheel progress

I imagine it wending it's way here, over hill, over dale, through bush, through briar (Shakespeare, just the last bit; probably remembered it wrong). I'd love to be more specific about the landscape in these visions: corn fields? meadows? mountains? It's due to arrive Monday. I've managed to refrain from believing it might be here sooner. Good thing, I would have been sorely disappointed. 2 more days I can wait. It could be late, though... but I won't think about that today.

I've had plenty to distract me. The Jacquard Acid Dyes I ordered from Dharma Trading arrived! I ordered the primaries and black, though just what are considered primaries is a subject worthy of debate.

Squatting in the kitchen, with mask, fan and latex gloves on, newspapers laid out, hair tied, scale at the ready, heated distilled water (we're on well water here and it's a bit reddish; I'm guessing the prepared dyes will go bad sitting with whatever is in our water), and a few other items, I measured out 1% solutions of each:

Mixed Jacquard Dyes

It was a bit stressful, what with not really knowing what I was doing, worrying about the dyes floating about, not wanting to knock a jug over and inadvertently dyeing the kitchen... I'm clumsy, after all. But all worked out well. Until I tried to fill the smaller containers:

Red dye

Half again of the above ended up on the newspaper. A mess! The lip of the larger container is not conducive to pouring; we're actively pursuing solutions chez 2LN.

Some supplies I picked up last night might help:

Dyeing Supplies

Well, maybe just the funnel... Except for the turkey basters, all at the Dollar Store! Drop cloth, plastic storage containers, a measuring cup, latex gloves and a large funnel set, and the plastic bowl. A buck per! And the turkey basters were only $1.76 at Shaw's. The black gloves cost much more than a buck, they were bought a year ago.

In all the only discoloration of floor or body occurred:

Dyeing - blue thumb

due to the blue Sharpie I used for marking the containers.

Knitting too

Creamsicle T is still in pieces:

Creamsicle T - in pieces

I haven't been in a blocking mood while fighting the cold/flu. And actually, I'm thinking of seaming and then wet blocking, since I want to give it a quick wash before wearing. I usually block then seam; at last check (when I started the project) I was getting gauge so it's just to get the rolly polliness ousted. If the seaming is too much of a pain, especially at the shoulders, then I'll have to block.

Since I couldn't pour out any more dyestuff, I worked on Gram's Socks. At last check in (11/21), I was a few inches past the heel (ie, almost done), but had to rip back because it didn't fit (last sock photo). It fit fine up to the mid-foot; from there, her foot gets wider, which is something I couldn't have foreseen.

I am horrible at dealing with complete setbacks like that. So the sock languished and I focused on holiday knits.

Well, I've had just over 2 months to brood and mope and brainstorm. Last night I finally ripped back to the last set of toe increases, added one more set of increases, knit 5 rows plain, and then increased 1 stitch every 4 for 4x1 ribbing. I figure ribbing will be most forgiving, and adding the extra stitches will hardly affect the finished silhouette, while adding plenty of room to stretch. I imagine that even with her currently swollen feet, she would be able to fit into these!

Gram's Socks - restarted foot

The added bonus is the knitting is more interesting; every other needle I have something to do! Plain socks at this gauge is not for me.