I lost my Seaweed Love scarf and Blue Biffle Wristwarmers, hadn't seen them in a week. I kept hoping they would turn up, but they didn't. Then, after all-you-can-eat-sushi at Minado, I found my knit hat on the ground next to the Mini. All I could think was, did I leave the scarf in some parking lot? Is it gone?

Two days later I started pulling out knitted gifts for the trip to NC, mostly scarves. It got to me. I interrupted Scott mid-sentence, blurted, "I lost my scarf and my wristwarmers, I don't know where they are, I haven't seen them for a week, I hope they're not in some parking lot like my hat."

We immediately started a house-wide search. Living room, bedroom, computer room.

"I found it!" Seaweed Love was in my yarn room, hidden by yarn from a recent project!

We searched on for Blue Biffle Wristwarmers, but no luck. I started to give up when Scott said something, "pocket" something. Lightbulb - fleece pocket! In the fleece vest pocket, zipped up secure, piled under layers of clothes, Blue Biffle Wristwarmers.

He was happy for me when I was in the clouds after learning to spin. He doesn't say much when the yarn and projects creep into every room, though he's allergic to most of it. He'll drop everything to find a lost knit, or calm my hysteria after seeing anything moth-like in the yarn room. He'll try on wool wristwarmers again and again as I figure out the design, despite itch and irritation. That's a lotta love.

Happy sometime around now Birthday, Scott!*

*Scott does not like his birthdate to be known.