These are the yarns I picked out for the contest:

Contest yarn
4 oz soft homespun and 4 oz mohair in Purple Haze

Contest yarn
4 oz silk/mohair boucle (really soft!) in ... hmm, don't know the colorway

Contest yarn
8 oz baby mohair loop in Junebug

All Danette Taylor yarns. (Sad thing is, this doesn't much dent my DT stash.) There is enough of each to make some kind of scarf, or even a shawl with the last one.

But then I thought, what if the person who wins doesn't like that color? I know it's free and who are you to complain?? But, I don't want anyone to walk away too disappointed. So, I picked out another 3 sets. Most likely I will give away 3 sets, maybe 4. Who knows? I'll take photos tomorrow morning and post the winners tomorrow night! I think the overall winner will get their pick, and then I'll figure out an order for the others. Fun, fun!

Don't have much else to say today. I've been unusually tired this week. My guess is it's all the excitement from the weekend. Let's see, there was the wheel purchase, gadzooks! and then trapeze school, holy moly! and then seeing Gram not doing so well, sniff, sniff... and loud knitterly company at Knitsmiths. Hmm, yes, I think my body started to shut down somewhere between the wheel purchase and the first swing on the trapeze... or was it on the drive there?