Tomorrow is your last day to submit contest entries. I've picked out the yarns and will post photos tomorrow!

Ice Creamsicle

Woke up to a few inches of snow today:


The clouds diminished lighting so I couldn't get any clear photos today. I did want to show you completed Creamsicle T sleeves, though!

Creamsicle T - sleeves done!

I finished them at Knitsmiths yesterday. I haven't been able to make it to Knitsmiths since early December; they meet on Sunday afternoons, and that's when we go to see Gram. (Gram's not doing so well. Her feet are completely swollen, they say it's nothing to worry about. Poor Gram...) I feel guilty going to Knitsmiths because it means getting to Gram's earlier in the day and either not bringing her favorite Boston Market turkey dinner, or else eating it early in the afternoon only a few hours after she's already eaten. It also means a much shorter visit and a tighter schedule. On top of which, Scott gets dropped off at South Station and takes the train home. All in all it throws chaos and inconvenience into the works; but I enjoy the knitting company and feel like I do need to do something for myself now and then. I'd like to be able to go every few weeks.

Knitting the cap shaping was stressful. I knew I was tight on yardage and brought my swatch to use. Even then it didn't look like enough, yet I was optimistic. With every row I'd look down at what I had left and (panic) wonder, yet knit on. Somehow, it worked out! Here is what's left: the little butterfuly on the right and the remains of the swatch. Boy, that's cutting it close.

Creamsicle T: remaining yarn

Though I had adjusted the body to make it snugger, I decided to knit the sleeves as is. If I had knit the body according to the pattern there is no way I would have had enough yarn, which confuses me. The pattern calls for Araucania Atacama, which is 110 yds to 50g. I used Malabrigo, which is 215 yds to 100g, just slightly less. Here's what gets me: I got the same gauge with the Malabrigo, and the pattern calls for 5 balls Atacama, or 550 yds / 250g, while I had 3 balls Malabrigo, or 645 yds / 300g. I had way more yardage and weight, and I knit a smaller body and I barely had enough. I don't get it. I guess Malabrigo knits a fluffier fabric and therefore takes more yardage?

Oh god. I just realized I have to knit the neck. It's only 1 row then cast off, but... This is going to get ugly.

Since my photos in the morning were crap, I asked Scott to take some photos of the snow for you:

Snow! Snow!
Look at all that snow. It kept piling up after I left; I think we got 7-8" in a few hours.

Snow! Snow!
That must be the rat's eye view of our back porch, followed by the kid's eye view of the front. We have neither in our house. Well, a big kid... okay, a couple of big kids...

And of course, our Mini, covered up.

In what's shocking

A whole pile of Alice Starmore yarns went up for bid on eBay last week and sold for over $3,400. $3,400!!! (Here's the link, but you'll only be able to access it for 30 days, I think.) The list of what's included is quite long and the yarns themselves cover up a bed. And by cover up, I mean 3 times over. Naturally I broke it down in Excel: 453 skeins, mostly 1 oz skeins of Scottish Campion, but including 113 skeins of 2 oz Scottish Heather; 566 oz total = just over 35 lbs. That is a lot of yarn. Would you pay $3,400 for yarn? In one fell swoop, I mean, and one kind. Is there any yarn you would pay $3,400 for??