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For those that have a creative bent I hope you are inspired by Cat to come up with your own take on the challenge. It doesn't have to be a story, it doesn't even have to be a sentence! I surely don't want to discourage entries. If anything, I am more likely to feel like more prizes are warranted. So, do submit your contest entries! At the least, you may win the random drawing! And I'm on the high of a new wheel on its way. You could say I'm in a celebratory mood. :D

Look, Ma, no hands!

OH. MY. GOD. Trapeze school was SO MUCH FUN!! Sorry to shout, but holy cow, what a rush! They moved pretty quickly through the instructions and then we were up there, getting ready to go.

I have an extreme fear of heights.


Every time I went up, I was TERRIFIED. PETRIFIED. Sweaty palms, tense body, mind in overdrive. When they told me to stand with my toes over the edge, both feet, I wanted to back up and hold onto something. Tight. It took incredible force of will to stand 30-40 feet up*, toes over the edge, leaning way out to grab the bar, then release the hand gripping tight the side rail and grab the other side of the bar. Adjusting hand positions like my life depended on it: Can't fall! Hang on tight! 

"Ready ... HUP." A hop forward and aaaaaAAAAAHHHHHHHHH. Rollercoaster oh my frickin' flying through air rushing by fast fast fast scream! I hear chuckles in the audience. Couldn't hear the instructions I was just hanging on and sensory overload. Swing back, hear the instructions now, legs up and over the bar, hanging from my knees. Wheeeee! Arch back, look at the water fountain and scream again, this time it's a yaaaahoooooo, look, ma, no hands kinda scream! Back to hanging from the hands, and she says, "get ready for the back flip."

Flip? What? Me? No frickin' way. Doesn't she realize I'm afraid of heights? Doesn't she realize I've already done more than I thought I'd have to? I thought we were just going to swing a bit to get the hang of it (no pun intended). I didn't know I'd be hanging from the knees on the first run! Not yet. I holler, "I can't do it!"

"Yes, you can!"

"No, I can't!"

"Just give it a try. Legs swinging forward, backward, forward, now lean back and tuck your knees."

I got the forward, backward, forward thing. My hands wouldn't let go.

"I can't do it!"

We try again. Forward, backward, forward, hug your knees! Nope. Ain't happening.

"I can't do it!"

They lower me down, my whole body is shaking. I feel like I've biked 20 miles, minus the sweat. I feel good. I flew!

Back in line and watching everyone else, I realize the safety ropes will catch me. I won't die, probably, most likely not. I'll try the flip. I can do this!

Next three runs, I'm moving with efficiency, I know the drill; still feeling the scream, but focusing on what I'm doing, and enjoying the sensations. Still petrified when I'm standing at the ledge, still forcing my mind to realize I'm strapped in, they're holding onto me, I can do this, I will most likely be just fine. I try for the back flip and it's not pretty, but I'm doing it! Each time, I walk away exhilarated and spent, body shaking, limbs weak, fear conquered for that moment.

The last run is the special one. Being caught mid-flight by the instructor! I'm freaked, of course, and I nearly don't go because I'm wiped. A few words from one of the instructors and I'm thinking, Bah, I can do this! One more run!

It's all in the timing. You have to hop on their Hup. You have to be hanging on your knees, arched back and outstretched arms on the second swing out. And there's still the paralyzing fear to overcome. Yeah, that.

But I did it! Hanging upside down, arched back and reaching hands -- caught by the hanging upside down instructor. Flying through air! Dropped to the net. Shaky legs and happy happy happy.

Scott, he's a natural. He doesn't have that fear thing to overcome. He sailed, moved agilely, adjusted with ease and enjoyed every moment. His catch was smooth transitions, clean lines. First time, what? I can't imagine what that would be like, not being afraid of heights. Crazy boy.

* I just looked it up, it's actually 23 feet. But it felt like 30-40 feet.

PS  Until it messes up my bandwidth, here's Scott's catch (4.7MB). It's amazing to watch. First time, what??

Yeah, I still knit

After ordering the wheel I was so mindwhacked, like a chicken without its head, looking for something to do. I nearly started a new project before I remembered Creamsicle T. Successfully switched gears and now Creamsicle T sleeves are almost done. Here's where she was yesterday:

Creamsicle T - sleeves

I'm almost out of yarn and I'm pretty sure I won't have enough. I may have to use my swatch. Isn't that desperate? I hate getting that desperate...