I'm loving the entries I'm getting for the contest! So glad, I was worried there'd only be one. You have to read Cat's entry, it really made my day!

I'm addled, so addled that I noticed the last 2 paragraphs started with the same word but I don't have what it takes to fix it. Why am I so addled, you ask? Why, I'll tell you why:

I bought a wheel!


Yes, a wheel! I decided! Oh lordy lordy, you don't know the euphoria coursing through my brain, I can barely stand it! I bought a wheel! I bought a wheel!

[happy dance]

Curious, the mental happy dance looks very much as I'd imagine Curious George would look dancing...

You see, I'm addled. You get it now, right? I'm done for the night. I'll be lucky to get anything done. I shouldn't even do anything except sit in front of the TV and do happy dances.

In case you had any questions, you know, like what kind of wheel did I choose and why, I'll just quote myself from the Knitter's Review Forums. You see, in my state, well, it's asking too much:

I decided!!!! I just ordered the Joy from The Fold. They're out of stock, so it will be a week or two before it arrives, but I'm so relieved and excited that I decided and that it's on its way!! I'm feeling light headed, I've been forgetting to breathe, I can barely think my brain is so overloaded. When I recover I will do some more happy dance and maybe sit catatonic for a bit, smiling.

In the end, I decided that, since I plan to get a second wheel anyway, and I really LOVED the Joy, and it's so portable and cute, and whatever flexibility I'm losing out on I will get in the second wheel, and the Joy would be a better complement to a second wheel than the Lendrum (with a Lendrum I wouldn't need a second wheel for a while because of all the flexibility, but I would want one) -- see, I can't put together a proper sentence. But you get the idea. :D Oh yeah, and I know I said I would try them both again before deciding but it will be a while before I can try them again, maybe even a couple weeks, and the waiting is just killing me, it's killing me! It's been a month since I've gotten the green light to buy one and I just can't wait anymore. I can't! Well, except a couple weeks shipping time. ;)

Thanks for all the feedback and support, you guys rock!

And I echo the final sentiment here. Thanks for all the feedback and support. And to Scott, the woman at The Fold, and Felicia for last minute decision assistance. You guys rock!!!

PS  Maria's pics will come tomorrow! I'll have pics of the prize yarn by Sunday! I'm going to trapeze school tomorrow! Have an awesome weekend!