Despite the post title, I'm in a better mood today. I took PumpkinMama's advice and took a break this weekend, even got enough sleep last night.

Much progress was made on Creamsicle T last night while watching the rest of Gone With The Wind - in between bawling and wiping my eyes. At heart, GWTW is a love story, and a tragic one at that. I think it must have been many many years since I saw it last, because I don't remember Scarlett being so in love with Ashley before. That part of the story gives the rest of the story its meaning. I think I was in high school or middle school when I saw it last... Well, being older and catching onto that crucial plot line, the story made a lot more sense to me, and really got to me. I'm sitting here shaking my head. It's just too bad, it really is.

Anyway, here's the front of Creamsicle T. Hmm, I think usually patterns call for making the back first, didn't even think of that while knitting.

Creamsicle T - front

Since I'm adjusting stitch counts and decreases on the fly, I'm not sure how it will turn out, but it's a quick enough knit that I'll plow on just the same. I did redo part of the shoulders, and have had to redo rows here and there. Nothing major so far, in the "reknit the whole thing multiple times" category. Strange, I picked this sweater and yarn so I could follow the pattern, but as soon as a I get 4" done I scrapped that plan and started readjusting everything. What's the point, I say? Mumble, mumble. [wink]

The back is about 2/3 done. Here's where it was this afternoon:

Creamsicle T - back in progress

I was going to do some spinning but couldn't do it while watching Slap Shot. Man, what a crazy (and entertaining) movie. Paul Newman cracks me up, and he is so charismatic. Crazy hockey players, reminded me of growing up, being forced to watch hockey all winter long by my brother, the remote hogger. Hmm, I don't think we had remotes back then, had to walk to the TV to change channels, imagine that. AND, we changed channels by rotating a dial. Hehe, those were the days.