I'm looking forward to when my sinuses drain and I stop making noises that gross out Scott.

On my trip to NC, I found out my sister reads my blog! She called Buttercup the upside down noses scarf, hehe. Hi Lisa!

I took so much knitting with me and did so little. Knitting can't compete with this:

Akira and Auntie

and the drool he produces (danger, will robinson!):


That's the best photo I could find of me and my nephew, taken by my niece. My slacker husband didn't much pick up the camera this trip.

Here he is wearing Blueberry Fields, with room to grow:

Blueberry Fields

And Matching Hat (the cardi looked like it might be too tight on him; he SO does not like being changed, clothes or diapers, so I didn't want to risk it):

And Matching Hat

That's Scott, scruffy and not looking at the camera (very camera shy).

Some more New Year's knits:

New Year's

My niece wearing Bramble Roll Hat 2 (here's Bramble Roll Hat, which is just a smidge smaller, and from the top), brother wearing Charcoal Cashmere Scarf, and his fiance wearing Buttercup. Unfortunately, don't have photos of my sister or parents wearing their scarves.

Our non-traditional New Year's feast of Korean delights: 

New Year's Feast

I should explain: my family is Buddhist, and for New Year's, they drive to DC. They stay in some kind of Marriott, get some food, bring champagne, hang out and watch the countdown on TV. In the morning, they go to the Temple for New Year's, hmm, what do you call it, a meeting? prayer? Then lunch, shopping at an Asian food mart, and the long drive home. I've been a non-practicing Buddhist for a while now, so I usually don't join them; but I suppose I got tired of going to NC for New Year's and then spending only a few hours of New Year's day with them on their evening return; plus I missed out on the family time. This year Scott and I went for the ride and the New Year's eve celebrating; were even going to go to the Temple with them, but our colds got in the way. Maybe next year.

Last pic: my sister and me at my niece's school on her birthday. she's wearing the Belt tie that we had dyed together and I knit. The other pics had kids in 'em, but Scott and my dad were there as well.

School lunch

I finished My Birthday Scarf and the Grey Cabled Socks last night! Mebbe pics tomorrow. I'm battling serious startitis, distracted by all the yarn and books I just acquired, projects that have been calling out to me throughout holiday knitting, stash that begs to be made useful...