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I best post before the beer goes too far to my head.

Dyeing yarn with food coloring

As I mentioned yesterday, my niece and I had fun dyeing yarn with food coloring. We mixed about 15-20 drops per 50 mL, 3 colors each. Mine were red, yellow and blue with a bit of green; hers were purple, green with a bit of blue, and green made mixing blue and yellow. We skeined 4 sample sizes to get the hang of it, with the intention of dyeing a much larger skein for a small scarf; alas, the best laid plans...

Fool that I was, I didn't take pictures of us dyeing, just a few here and there of the yarns. We each did 2 mini skeins, and the first was a joint effort:

Food coloring dyed wool

Solid sections of red first, drops of yellow between, and blue over the yellow. I added too much yellow so it's mostly greens and yellow greens; but the variations are cool.

Food coloring dyed wool

This is one of her creations. She used lots of her greens and added in reds and just kept adding more drops of this and that, this and that. Square that I am, I tried to warn her that the colors would bleed, that she was using too much dye, without actually saying, "stop, you're using too much dye". Don't want to spoil the fun, after all. In the end, I was right, the colors did bleed; but my sister and I both really liked the effect, while my niece was "eh" about it. I love how adventurous kids are.

Here's her second mini skein, solid bands of red, green and yellow:

Food coloring dyed wool

And the mini skeins ready to be nuked:

Food coloring dyed wool

Their nuke was much more powerful than ours, ended up doing 1:45 on, 2 min off, 1:45 on, 2 min off, 1:45 on, then cool and rinse. Results:

Food coloring dyed wool
First skein, reds with yellow dots and blue over top

Food coloring dyed wool
Her skein, lots of reds and greens that blended into very earthy hues

Food coloring dyed wool
My second attempt, sections of red, blue and yellow, allowing room for bleeding and overlaying red over the blue (so methodical)

Food coloring dyed wool
Her second attempt, solid reds, greens and yellows

I knit up the first mini skein, since it was her favorite, into a little belt:

Belt tie

Belt tie Belt tie

and took it with me to her birthday lunch. Just traveling knits and purls.

Off to get more beer! Yay, weekend! (spoken like a true working stiff)