Finn wool
arrived in my stash...

Dyeing fiber - rolled Food coloring dyed Finn
dyed with food coloring, prepped...

33: handdyed Finn
spun on a spindle...

33: handdyed Finn 33: handdyed Finn

Surprisingly soft, sunshiny goodness. Only 1 oz, wish I'd done more.


Silk/Merino fiber
joined the stash...

34: merino-silk
spun and plied...

34: merino-silk
from the fold...

34: merino-silk
to make yarn.

Not the yarn I would have expected from seeing the top in my pre-spun-from-the-fold days.

Spun with a lot more twist than I'm used to; realized the other day that it takes a lot more twist than I thought to make a ply, and I didn't want a loose twist. Plied to a state of balance, but I would have liked more twist.


If I add more twist when plying to get the look that I want, then set the twist, does this have any "long term" effects? Will the plied yarn remember how it was set and not try to untwist itself? Assuming, of course, that I'm not adding waaaay more twist in the plying.

Also, is it "better" to add the necessary twist when spinning, versus adding extra twist in the plying? It seems that lots of twist in the spinning might make the yarn more "rope"-like, whereas adding twist in the plying wouldn't do that. Does that make any sense?

Let me know your thoughts!