Bought a little yarn at Webs' Year End sale:

Webs' Winter Sale

What a zoo. So much yarn, so little time. And by time, I mean "lifetime". I already have enough yarn for this lifetime (big time SABLE*), I guess I'm working on the Next One. Apparently, the Next One prefers luxury yarns and veers away from mohair, angora and over-novelties. Perhaps the Next One is developing allergies? Or is more sensitive to the hubby that has allergies...

We were in line for over an hour. And by "we" I mean Scott. I was busy browsing (what? what??) and trying to convince him that he would look good in Berroco Denim Silk. It was a nice color, really it was. The specks of light blue -- well, you wouldn't be able to see them from an armslength away. Well, I wouldn't. Then again, I'm practically blind... Needless to say, I was not convincing.

Novelty yarns were in (over-)abundance. When you've got big time SABLE, you have to be discriminating with the novelties. By the time you get around to knitting it, the novelty will have worn off. Know what I mean? No? Check eBay.

This lot is not high on luxury, though there is some silk in there for Scott. Still living down my personal worst knitted item for Scott and desperate to prove I can do better. And since he's allergic to wool (that's a whole other topic) and has a very limited palette of acceptable colors, he's very hard to knit for. You will be hearing more about this silk. And my tortured relationship to it.

And then the wheels. There were 3 floor models available for trial: DT Folding Lendrum, ST Louet S10 and ST Ashford Elizabeth. Couldn't try the latter, something was not right with the treadle. The S10 was actually really nice for a single treadle. Smooth and good momentum on the wheel. The one I tried at The Fiber Loft must have needed oil.

But I was really there to try the Folding Lendrum. And boy, did it disappoint. At first. Treadling was like treading water. I suck at treading water; I'm sluggish and feel like I'm not far from drowning. Then there was that awful squeeeeeak. It was easy enough to use, and when oiled, why, it treadled great! And away went that squeak! You were thinking oil, weren't you? Yep, you were right. Oiled, it ran nicely. I made yarn for 5, 10 minutes, and it felt pretty good. But I didn't get that joy feeling that the Ashford Joy gave me (I kid you not). I didn't hum classical music. I didn't feel like experimenting.

Thing is, I don't know if it had to do with some other fixable funkiness, like oiling a joint. I don't know if it just doesn't sing to me like the Ashford Joy. How do I decide?

I went to Webs hoping for more clarity, and instead, I'm in a pea soup fog (did you ever play Game of Life?). What should I do?

* SABLE - Stash Amassed Beyond Life Expectancy