Argyle Caddie is almost done:

Argyle Caddie - in progress Argyle Caddie - in progress

Two issues:

1. The diamonds are short and squat. Just as I finished the colorwork, I realized that argyles are usually tall and skinny. Instead of increasing or decreasing every row, I should have done so every other row. Oh well. I so am not knitting them a fourth time.

2. I'm not sure how tall the balloon part should be. I'm not a golfer and don't have any clubs to compare it to... I added a couple more rows of plain green after the argyle to make it a little longer, but it makes the argyle off-center. I'll add the white diamonds and pompon first to see how it all comes together. If it's still off-center after that, I'll add a few extra rows between the ribbing and argyle.

Here's the inside:

Argyle Caddie - inside

Yumm, no strands, few ends. Loverly.

The Seamless Intarsia method took getting used to, but is so elegant a solution that I would use it again, judiciously. It feels like a bit of magic, "ta-daaa", maybe the same way entrelac would feel. And, I suppose, with the same non-effect to non-knitters.

The original plan was to knit a couple of these. With all the re-knitting, I've done enough work to cover two covers. The new plan is that I'm almost done. :-)

On a separate note

Thank you for the lovely comments recently about my blog!