I'm so excited - look what came home with me today:

Schacht hi-lo spindle

That's a Schacht hi-lo spindle and she spins fast, she does. Sigh. My second spindle. She shall help me a-ply my pile o' stuffs. Mebbe even spin heavier than fingering and sport weights. 

I picked her up at Mind's Eye Yarns in Cambridge. Lucy demonstrated spinning from the fold and getting a good spin by rolling down the thigh. Wheeeeee! She also showed how to get a wicked fast spin by flicking with the feet. Man oh man. Between the faster, heavier spindle, spinning from the fold, and picking up speed on the spin, a whole new horizon just opened up for me. I had read about the fold and thigh thing but couldn't visual the latter or think of a reason to try the former. While I was gazing longingly at her merino/silk top, it suddenly occurred to me that maybe I could spin my merino/silk top from the fold. Might make it much more spinnable! It was so finicky I was waiting to get a wheel before going back to it. Enter demo and childish glee.

I could barely contain myself on the (long) drive home. And here I am, telling you about it rather than practicing. Laters!

PS: In the interests of full disclosure, I also picked up these:

My first Spin-Off magazines

PPS: I had a dye fest last night using food coloring. Tonight's goodies preempts the chronicling; details tomorrow.