A friend of mine told me how she cracked up about my abandoned projects (poor projects, they're laughing with you), so I thought she'd get a kick out this:

Wisdom Toothless Wisdom Toothless

This is me post-wisdom tooth extraction. 3 wisdom teeth, 2 impacted that later got dry sockets (ouch!). The towel is holding 2 ice packs in place and yes, it's binder-clipped in place. I think I've taken prescription painkillers at this point, I look pretty perky. In less than an hour I'll be asleep.

(Interesting choice for knitting under the influence, that's the lace shawl I just finished!)

Update: Thank you for the well wishes, you're so sweet! The photos are from July, though, so while it was a painful painful couple of weeks, I'm painlessly wisdom(tooth)less now. ;)