Was all ready to do a WIP Management update, but it's raining, it's pouring, it's mucking up the lighting.

Instead, here is the Winderwood Farms blue faced leicester navajo plied:

23: Winderwood Farms Blue Faced Leicester - navajo plied

The colors just pop! I am always amazed at how different it looks after plying. (Before plying)

Warning: non-knitting content ahead

I've been very sad lately. I thought of a few things that might be contributing:

  • Feeling cooped up and disconnected from people because I'm home job searching
  • Going to the MIT Dramashop reunion and getting nostalgic and heartbroken that it is so much harder to keep in touch with people and do theatre outside of school
  • Seeing Gram not doing so well
  • Feeling restricted on starting new projects because I'm trying to get my WIP count down

I didn't love MIT, except for theatre. I went there excited and saucer-eyed, happy to find some place where I fit in, where being smart, even book smart, was not a liability. I really flailed trying to find something I enjoyed, something I loved. Some place to fit in, belong. Until theatre.

The faculty there are amazing. They care so much. About theatre, about their students, about the journey, and helping you along the way. Midway into my junior year I took a leave of absence, and they were the reason I came back to MIT. It was so wonderful to see them, and to know that they still care.