It's done, it's done! Here she is blocking:

Multidirectional Silk Scarf - blocking

I used blocking wires on just the silk boucle portion, since I liked the garter part just fine and didn't want it to stretch out. Gave it a good steaming and then let sit to cool.

Multidirectional Silk Scarf

Very cool.

She competes with Seaweed Love as my new favorite scarf!

The blocking took care of the buckling middle and the bulging ends. I would still use 4 rows on the half diagonal diamonds in future because of stitch count, but it's good to know the bulging goes away. I think the boucle holds a firmer edge than the Regal Silk. In the pattern photo it sags just a bit.

Multidirectional Silk Scarf
Started: 11/5/05
Finished: 11/20/05
Pattern: Multidirectional Silk Scarf by Iris Scheirer,
Yarn: Danette Taylor's silk boucle (~2.3 oz) and 50/50 cashmere/merino (3.5 oz), both in Bramble Rose
Needles: #8
Notes: See above and yesterday's post.
The cashmere/merino has nice spring and is lovely to knit.


Thanks, Noelle, for your comment about Winderwood Farm. I like their rovings and hope I can figure out the email and delivery delay problems. The package smelled smoky, but the rovings themselves, sealed in their baggies, had a different smell, could have been vinegar as you mentioned. I have heard of packages getting a smoky smell en route with the USPS.


Yesterday was Gram's birthday. We brought Chinese and chocolates. What more can a birthday girl want? Oh yes, watches with replaced batteries. Check!

I had her try on mostly done sock one. Too tight! To frog pond we go.

10 Things about Gram

  • She had the blackest hair in Neponset.
  • She could out-skate her brothers.
  • She had 7 or 8 brothers and sisters and took care of most of them. She has 1 daughter.
  • Gram retired from Gillette after 41 years as a chemist.
  • They wanted her to go to Europe to help but she refused; she doesn't like flying.
  • Gram loved to shop at The Christmas Tree Shop; I always expected to see her in the next commercial.
  • She has a sweet tooth the size of New England; she always leaves room for dessert.
  • Gram crocheted dozens of afghans for family and friends.
  • When Scott was younger and lived nearer to her, he would come home to chicken dinners hanging from his door.
  • She welcomed me from day one and is one of the sweetest spitfires I know.

Happy Birthday, Gram!