First of all, thanks for the nice comments about my spun yarn and Gram! And Danette, no way I will exceed your dyeing skills. :)

WIP Management

I've been heading in this direction lately, but now it's official: I need to get my WIPs under control! Here's what I put together yesterday:

"One of the side effects of blogging and reading other people's blogs is taking a new look at how I knit. I am a Gemini, and it shows. Besides mountains of yarn, I have mountains of WIPs going back years!

I have resolved to get this mountain down to a "manageable" size, and to that end, will keep a list here of all projects and status. Manageable for now means 18-24 projects (!), which I think will effectively half my current WIP list. Sad sad sad. Once I meet this goal, I may reduce even further! (Or not.)

Projects will either be completed, put on the list for completion, or else abandoned. New projects may be started, but not with abandon (haha).

Wish me luck!"

and here's my oh-so-scary project list. 67 projects! 67! How... shocking, and embarassing, and ridiculous, and hysterical! I can already see a few that can be abandoned, and a few that just need buttons. 67 is a lot more than I was expecting, but it's time to clean up the list and the WIP pile. Think I can do it?

I'll try to do an update every week or two, and keep a running balance in the sidebar. Any words of encouragement, or outright laughter, are welcome. You can encourage me or chide me into whipping my WIPs into shape!