And I just can't hide it! I know I know I know I know --

A couple of days ago I spun this:

17: more Northern Mist

and was very pleased with the evenness and how fine a yarn I was getting.

And then, yesterday, I spun this:

20: Coopworth 2 ply - to be plied

which I plied to make this:

20: Coopworth 2 ply

and I am so very proud! It is my best batch yet, and I did it without parking, without cursing or even breaking a sweat! I was relaxed and having fun. Here is another photo:

20: Coopworth 2 ply

and one last one, to give you an idea of the weight:

20: Coopworth 2 ply

It's the last of my white Coopworth that I bought on my honeymoon. I'm slowly using up that stash, but guess what came in the mail:

Finn wool

That's 2.5 lbs of Finn; and here's 8 oz of Corriedale (both of which I've never spun before):

Corriedale wool

and 4 oz of merino-silk:

Silk/Merino fiber

When your unit of measure moves from ounces to pounds, from skein to sweater quantities, you know you've hit that next level. And I have. Oh how I have.

This stash was purchased from al_spinner on the Knitter's Review Forums. I have another box due to arrive soon, handdyed fiber from Winderwood Farm on eBay. Can't wait!