Is it just me, or have they always had so many creepy movies and horror-related shows for so many days before Halloween??? I know my memory is for crap. I'm hoping it's just the whole weekend before that makes it seem especially insane. Maybe the commercials for Hulk every 10 minutes have done me in (how many times can you hear that too catchy tune "monster! monster! monster!" without turning green and going Hulk?). Maybe I've just been spending too much time in front of the TV.

The kids are a-prowl. Scott says he heard them. Nothing against the kids, they're so cute dressed up and all, but man, our house looks dressed up for fright night. Cobwebs, leaves, general disarray. And then there's the outside. Plus we don't have any candy. I was looking around the kitchen today, thinking, "hmm, Ritz crackers... maybe these unopened Tic Tacs... ooh, we could give them ramen, we got lots of that..." I mean, in case our scary unlit exterior doesn't scare them off.

If you want to see cute and devotion, look at Alison's Thing 1 and 2 outfits. Aren't they the cutest?

Gatsby Pullover

On the knitting front, my project and stash guilt are ever growing, so I flipped through my project notebook to see what I could close up. (I'm also trying to counter startitis brought on by newly acquired stash 1 and stash 2.) I settled on the Gatsby Pullover from Interweave Knits Spring 2003. Front and back are done, just need to do 2 sleeves and the usual finishing. Yarn is Donegal Tweed in light grey on a cone; it has some lanolin, which I'm not crazy about in general, and also working off the cone introduces lots of unnecessary twist, which I have to fix every few rows. The latter is probably why I dropped the project, since it does knit reasonably fast and with enough interest from the shaping.

Gatsby Pullover - yarn

Grrr, that twisty twisty yarn... but it's so purty knit up. First sleeve is about a third done.

Gatsby Pullover - sleeve

I ran into a knot, pretty near an edge. We had talked about spit splicing at Knitsmiths that night, so I decided to do a non-spit spit splice. Worked nicely.