I dropped everything and took care of some guilt knitting last night. I had promised my niece some felted slippers and started them in April. (Okay, that's not quite true. I started a pair in December, but then abandoned it and restarted in April with a different yarn.) All summer long, the excuse was that they wouldn't get worn anyway. And then it was late summer and I was planning a wedding and going on a honeymoon. Then I got back, (putter putter,) it got cold (snowed today!), and when I talked to my sister about New Year's gifts and asked what my niece would want, she mentioned the slippers. Eek. The slippers. The looong neglected slippers.

Don't get me wrong, the guilt was all mine, not placed there by anyone. Not my sister, not my niece. They are nothing but appreciative of anything I make them, however wearable or useful. All mine.

It wasn't that bad, once I changed needles. My god, the whole problem with the slippers was the needles. I should have realized sooner. They were 12" circular 10 1/2's on an 11" circumference. Duh. Ya think? I switched to 2 bamboo circs and finished up the first and then the second slipper in no time. Ahhhh, relief. I'll shoot for pictures tomorrow.

Other guilt knitting: finish an overdue afghan, start another, and start a scarf.