Finally took some photos of the yarn I bought honeymooning in Atlantic Canada. I was pretty reserved buying yarn since I spent most of my money on fiber. And in case you don't believe me, I'll have to admit that the Fleece Artist silk boucle was actually a gift from Scott out of his vacation budget. Bad bad Monica...

Souvenirs from Atlantic Canada

The first (top) is singles wool from Cottage Craft in St. Andrews by-the-Sea, New Brunswick. They had tons of handmade sweaters there, beautiful cabling and colorwork. It's a cottage industry (hence the name?) - the sweaters are made by dozens of knitters in (mostly?) New Brunswick that work out of their homes. Cottage Craft also sells their yarn; it reminds me of Briggs & Little, and not the kind of yarn I knit with much these days, so I only bought one skein to try out. Hmm, I didn't get a solo shot. It's a nice rich brown; I plan to make a scarf.

There was another yarn shop in St. Andrews by-the-Sea: Cricket Cove (I think that's the website; it says they're in Black's Harbor so I was a bit confused - but pleased - when I found them in St. Andrews by-the-Sea). A lovely shop, lots of Fleece Artist. It was my first yarn shop so I decided to wait before spending all my money. I ended up going broke before I made it back.

Next stop: London-Wul, where Heidi taught me to spin

Thank you, Heidi!

I bought a spindle and fiber, and then picked up some more fiber the next day before heading to PEI. On the way home I stopped by again to show Heidi what I had spun, and to buy some Fleece Artist sock yarn for Gram (Scott's grandmother). Forgot to take a picture of it, though... There were a few ladies happily spinning and knitting. After I showed them my yarn:

Heidi: Why aren't you spinning? Go get your spindle!

Me: Uh... okay!

I was soooo nervous and excited. My first time spinning in public! In front of experienced spinners! What would they think? Would I be too nervous to spin well? Would I be all two left spindles??

My palms did sweat a bit and I could only half-listen to the conversation for the first 10-20 minutes and I think my hands were a little shaky. But no one laughed, or stared, or shook their head in disbelief. So I relaxed, and started to enjoy it. Of course, my state of shock precluded remembering any names, but they were a friendly lot and the lady spinning from dyed silk hanky gave me some to try out. I left wishing I lived closer to London-Wul!

Next stop, PEI. The Fleece Artist silk boucle was purchased at Great Northern Knitters in Charlottetown, PEI and is luscious luscious luscious and the colors rich and loverly! I don't think the attached V-neck pattern will flatter me so I'll have to hunt around for another. They had a good selection of Fleece Artist that was hard to resist.

Fleece Artist silk boucle

The next three skeins are from Belfast Mini Mill in Belfast, PEI. I purchased a good bit of luxury fiber there as well. They give tours of their mini mill, where you get to see how their yarns are made! Since I had just learned to spin, it was especially cool.

This is their quiviut/merino a 2 ply sport weight, and my first quiviut! It will become my warm snuggly scarf:

Mini Mills Quiviut / Merino

and their "Northern Mist" quiviut/alpaca/merino blend, a 3-ply worsted:

Mini Mills

and their cashmere/merino blend, a 3-ply bulky worsted:

Mini Mills Cashmere / Merino

Hmm, they all look alike. So much so that I couldn't tell from the pictures which one was the Northern Mist, and which one was the cashmere/merino. I had already wound the skeins into balls. I can tell by touch... I think I got it right.

What I said about the silk boucle -- times three. Well, the "luscious" part. Yummers! But I wish the colors were a little more... non-beige.

On to Nova Scotia. Visited Lismore Sheep Farm but the owners were out and it was raining so I didn't get a tour or learn about the sheep. The woman in the shop (Jeanine?) was very friendly and we talked about spinning. Their yarns are like the Briggs & Little so I didn't get any (see reason above), but I bought a braid of Fleece Artist blue faced leicester.

Last is a small ball of Fleece Artist sock yarn I bought at LK Yarns in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Fleece Artist sock yarn

Woah, lots of yarn. They had a basket of Fleece Artist sock yarn mill ends and I wanted to buy it all. I restrained myself and picked out one (sob) but also grabbed a couple of Fleece Artist blue faced leicester "braids" (here's one of them spun up).

And that was it.

Sigh. Good times, good times.

NB: In case you think I'm obsessive... I have wanted to see Fleece Artist yarns up close in person ever since I found their website earlier this year. When we decided to honeymoon in Canada, I checked the Fleece Artist website and made a list of all the shops near our proposed route. (Doesn't everyone plan yarn shop stops into their vacations?) This was a biased Fleece Artist trip. :)